Monday, January 3, 2011

Unnamed Kitty


Welcome to our kitty blog. I wrote our to refer to me and my boyfriend, Vincent, but I don't think he will ever write here. Even to write an email consisting of 2 sentences is already very hard for him. :) But this blog is dedicated to the new member of the family - a kitten that I adopted a week ago as one of the Christmas presents for Vincent. Mr Boyfriend is now still in France and he hasn't seen the kitten in real yet. But I sent him this photo so that he would be aware that there would be 2 beings welcoming him back home this weekend:
Since Vincent is the one who is most fond of cats, and the kitty is meant to be his, it is unnamed yet. Plus I don't know whether it is a he or a she. But since it is soooo very shy (so different from Geisha, our former beloved cat who was super extrovert), maybe it's a she.

Right now I'm guessing that the shy kitty is hiding under the sofa or book cabinet as I'm writing this blog.

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