Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Return of Mouche

The vet called early in the morning asking if he could bring Mouche back at 10. I thought that was super quick, but I said yes. I told Vincent and he delayed going to the office to welcome Mouche back.

When she was finally here, she couldn't wait to get out of the cage. She dashed out as quickly as she could and she tried to climb up the stairs.

But she couldn't. She fell down showing how weak her limbs were.

The vet said that she was still drunk due to the anaesthesia. Vincent took Mouche back so that the vet could explain to us more clearly about the operation. We saw a rectangle shaved part of Mouche's stomach, on the side, and there was a bandage covering the wound. He said basically the drug is going to go away after a day and she'll be fully recovered in a week when we can peel off the bandage.

We actually wanted her to be vaccinated as well, but the vet gave a better option: he can go here again next week to check on the week and at the same time have her vaccinated.

Mouche was so needy the whole day. She could barely open her eyes but she knew when I was moving from one room to another. She followed me everywhere, I think based on the sounds I made, and she kept stumbling down the stairs. I put her food bowl upstairs so she didn't have to do all the work going up and down the stairs when she was so drunk like that. It was almost hard to leave the house for the ad print meeting.

Anyway, it was weird to see the so very loud Mouche the night before and the so very quiet and helpless Mouche now. Yes, she's normally pretty quiet, but not this quiet. I'm worried but Vincent says she's gonna be okay soon.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Desexing Mouche

Mouche has been very difficult these past 2 days. The normally quiet kitty has become crazily so loud. Vincent suspected that she was coming to puberty age and perhaps was having her first period. There have also been two other cats that were checking out our house and meowing loudly. They're probably thinking, "Oh, there's a girl there!"

We felt alarmed as we didn't want Mouche to continuously have babies. So I called a vet yesterday and asked him to check her out. Mouche knew that a vet was coming so she was hiding under the couch. Vincent had to lift up the couch so I could reach her. The vet then did a short check on her and he confirmed that she was ready to mate - proven by her excitement as you touched her bottom. We agreed that he could take her so that he could perform the operation.

If yesterday I couldn't sleep because the teenage cat kept meowing, last night I couldn't sleep because I was worried. Mouche was never happy with the existence of other people but me and Vincent. And now she's away from us in Sanur and with nobody she knows. She must have been terrified.

However, I'll see about it today. The vet promised to return her today as he would be performing a new desexing method - cutting the side of the stomach instead of the one under. He said this method was much safer and wouldn't hurt the kitty as much as if the incision was made under the stomach. Because then there would be no gravity effect to hurt the wound more.

"He'd better be good," Vincent said about the vet. Obviously we didn't want anything to happen with Mouche.