Monday, April 30, 2012

Lucky's First Visit to the Vet

I took Lucky to the vet this morning to see what her overall condition was. I saw last month that that the best veterinary clinic in Bali - Listriyani and associates - just had another branch open 5 minutes from my place. It was just a good timing for Lucky's first visit to the vet.

When I met Listriyani, I hugged her. I thanked her for what she had done for Mouche during her FIV sickness, and I told her that I meant to visit her sooner but my heart broke if I had to go to that clinic again. I was almost choked in tears when I said that. In reply she said, "Oh, it's okay. I understand. It was a hard time for you. I'm so very happy to see you now, moving on." She must have seen little Lucky on the examination table.

Another vet checked on Lucky. From her observation, she found:

  • Lucky was experiencing a slight hypothermia, though not bad either.
  • Lucky's gum was so pale when it was supposed to be pink when healthy.
  • Her nose was not as bad as other stray cats, which meant it would be easier to get her back to the healthy state.

She gave me two pieces of super small pills to treat the worms in her stomach and a vitamin to give every day. She approximated that Lucky was about 2 months old, though not exactly looking like one due to the malnutrition. In about a month, the kitten is expected to gain much more weight and strength, thus is ready for her first vaccination.

Lucky was so well-behaved at the vet clinic. I put her in the green Carrefour bag, lining the bottom with Mouche's baby cushion, and she just stayed calm there. The only time she expressed a dislike was when the vet inserted the thermometer inside her anus. But other than that, she was such a good girl!

If she is a girl. Can't determine a cat's gender at her age yet. But I have a feeling she's a girl.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Lucky, the Black Baby Cat

I was at Seminyak Square having some coffee with my sister that evening when an SMS from Eleonore, Vincent's friend, came in. She told me that she just took a very skinny little black kitten from a street near her office. She asked if I wanted to adopt the cat. I told her I'd talk with Vincent first about it.

When Vincent came back from his poker tournament, we talked. I was pessimistic about having another cat, since after Geisha and Mouche (then Zizou who filled our life shortly before he went missing), I was almost convinced we were not meant to have a cat pet. Even though all the incidents that took the cats' lives away were not our fault, it just seemed weird that the ones with us never had a long life.

However, we decided to go to Eleonore's to see the kitten.

She was telling the truth. The black kitten was super skinny and weak. It'd die if she didn't find it and take it. You could go through his spine and ribs, you'd feel nothing but bones. Lovely long, thick fur, though. Ele was half-pushing us to take the cat because her cat and dog hated the kitten and she couldn't keep it herself.

It didn't take us very long to decide that we were adopting the baby cat. We couldn't just leave it like that. So we took the kitty home.

Eleonore's is just a few blocks away from our place. But other cats would struggle if we took them on a motorbike. This cat didn't. It immediately got comfy inside the shopping bag and fell asleep there. As Vincent was driving away from Eleonore's, he said,

"I already know what name we should give to the kitty. Lucky. Because it is."

"I agree. She also needs to be lucky to be with us, too."

So Lucky it is. Meet Lucky, the newest member of our family.