Sunday, January 16, 2011

Twice fatter

I think Mouche is twice fatter (read: more healthy) now compared to the first time she arrived in the house. I try to give her nutritious food since the experience with our former cat, Geisha, showed that if a kitten was spoiled from the early period of their life with only fish, it would be very picky later on. Not to mention that it would result to even worse smell and shape of poop and the lack of energy because of the lack of carbohydrate. So whenever possible, I would differ the menu for Mouche every day. If I cook rice, then she gets to eat little rice with her kitten fish food. If I cook pasta, she gets little pasta (without the sauce). But most of the time I feed her with oats. We have a lot of oatmeals that we don't eat that much except when I make cookies. Oats are very healthy so it should be good for Mouche.

I think she is a happy kitten, though she is still very shy with unknown people (even with known ones). Too bad she is not very photogenic in front of the camera. She looks so mean more often than she looks cute. :P

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