Thursday, January 20, 2011


Mouche finishes her hybernation period of only eating, sleeping, pooping, eating, sleeping and pooping. She has been with us for almost a month now and has started to enjoy playing.

When I gave her Geisha's toys 3 weeks ago, she was not the slightest interested. Now you threw her a little ball, and she would go after it. A few days ago I was just wiggling my toe and she snapped at it. I also wagged my finger in front of her face and one of her front feet snapped at it back. It was really like playing the hom pim pah game.

So yes, it is fun to see her interact with us. But one morning I went to my laundry room and saw such a mess on the floor with my nursery pots going upside down and the potting soil all over the place. It seemed that Mouche found it also interesting to climb to the windowsill and drop the pots down!


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