Friday, January 7, 2011

Comfort Zone: Armpit

The kitty relaxes more and more each day. She is not afraid to ask for food, though not as demanding as Geisha, but she surely has the potential to be so (doh!).

(Notice how I address the kitten as "she". Until we figure out that it is not a male, it will be a she for now)

She also enjoys snuggling a lot. She doesn't want to be left alone. When I go downstairs, she'll follow me downstairs, stay with me until I finish cooking and go upstairs once I feel like watching TV or working. At times she'll meow underneath my table begging me to pick her up to my lap. But she tends to find the comfort in the weirdest place: my armpit. Once she does, she will be fast asleep.

My sister says, "It's normal. She's a baby afterall. All babies want to hide in the mother's armpit, no matter if it is sweaty and smelly."

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