Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Mouche and Vincent

Vincent thought Mouche was afraid of him. But the fact is Mouche is afraid of anybody who is new or any sudden movement. She is such a delicate little kitty who jumps at everything and hides under the sofa or bookcase or table when she sees someone new or senses aggressive movement.

But after one week, she gets comfortable with Vincent. She sleeps on his lap and more often than not, she approaches him as he eats. She doesn't even bother to get near me as we eat because I tend not to give pets food when I eat. I think it is a bad education. Pets can have the food AFTER we finish eating or before. Normally I feed her before we eat in the hope that she won't beg for food when we finally eat. But of course, being a cat, no matter how full her stomach is, she will always meow under our table. Before Vincent arrived here, in her first week in our house, Mouche tried to climb the table where the food was. I slapped her feet lightly and she never did it again when we eat.

I guess one thing that I like about Mouche is that she listens. She knows when we teach her that something is bad, and she never repeats it again.

However when there is a bad police (me), there should be a good police (Vincent). So he's spoiling Mouche as he always spoils all cats. It's fine with me. He is only here in the evenings and during weekends anyway. Not enough spoiled moments to make Mouche a spoiled cat. :)

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