Wednesday, May 16, 2012

First Bath and First Kill

Lucky jumped from the stairs on to my computer desk, then onto my laps this morning, like she always does. As I petted her I saw that her fur was getting worse and worse everyday. It was like it'd just undergone some bad hair curling treatment or something. Then I started examining each string and found that there were flea eggs in every single hair! No wonder she scratched herself so often and suffered from the itch!

I knew that the vet told me not to bathe her because she was too small and weak. But I thought if it wasn't the worms inside her stomach that were eating her food consumption (and trust me, she ate so much but never got any heavier since the time we adopted her), it must have been the fleas. I googled what made it dangerous for little kittens to be bathed before certain age. It seemed to be the tendency of getting hypothermia after the bath.

I gave it more thought and then decided to bathe her anyway with warm water. As I rubbed the flea shampoo for kittens on her fur, the knocked-out fleas got stuck on my hands and I've never ever seen so many fleas in my life! Some of the survivors ran to her face, which obviously I wouldn't wash, but the eggs were easily washed away. Lucky was fine at first, but her fear built up as I let the shampoo stayed on her fur for 5 minutes (as the instruction said). So the bad kitty bit me.

Anyhoo, when I finished bathing her, I made sure she was dried up properly. I roughly dried her with a towel, then used a hair dryer (in quite some distance, like 20 cms far) to warm her up and dry her fur. Then I let her sunbathe in the garden. She actually seemed like she loved it when I used the hair dryer. She almost fell asleep as I groomed her. :P

After that, I left to my belly dance class. Guess what I found when I came back 2 hours later.

Lucky, sitting on a long snake! She was meowing to me and proudly showing me her first hunting achievement. But I was too shocked to be proud!

My little skinny black kitten and a dead snake!!! Did the snake bite her?!?! 

I called my boyfriend and asked him if it was an emergency case. Then I called the vet asking if it was an emergency case. Both told me to see how she was doing in a few hours. If she showed any weird sign, I should get her to the clinic immediately.

Luckily, Lucky was lucky. She didn't act anything weird, except hating me and refusing to be near me for the whole day for taking the headless snake away.


Apparently she already ate its head.

Oh, well, I guess I had to be proud of her. Awesome cat!!!

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