Friday, May 25, 2012

Done with the Hibernation Period

As Lucky gains more and more strength, she has become very active this past week. She'd run to the garden, exploring and chasing weird animals. She'd want to play with us, though often when we did play with her, she'd run to the garden again hoping that we'd run after her and do the hide-and-seek game. She'd love to do the camouflage spy game, thanks to her black fur, and attack animals (or us) when least expected. She'd climb the stairs and jump onto the top of the bathroom wall, peeking at us when we took a shower.

Lucky, on top of the water heater compartment,
not able to come down on her own.

This weekend will be the first weekend she won't be spending time with us. Vincent and I are off to Lembongan for a relaxing anniversary weekend (we've been JUST together for 4 years this week). My sister is going to housesit my place, and she'll be bringing her puppy along. It'd be interesting to see how Lucky reacts to other animals, but unfortunately we won't be there to see that. I hope everything goes well.

In the mean time, check out the newest video of my favourite cat channel on YouTube.

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