Friday, April 1, 2011

The Little Hunter

Compared to Geisha, Mouche is a more clingy kitten. She makes sounds as if she was sad or hungry or lonely almost all the time. She gives you that sad "I'm dying" look if you ever let her food bowl empty. She's afraid of new voices and new people and she will always hide under the sofa if she senses danger coming from other people but me and Vincent. It makes us think she is a weak kitty.


She's a mean, senseless, cold-blooded, bird-killer kitty!!!

One day I was working early in the morning in the living room. As usual I opened the window so that the nice morning breeze can get in. Mouche was sleeping under a chair far away from that window.

Then I heard something and Mouche was already flying in the air by the window then she landed on her four feet on the chair next to the window.

I was like, "What? What happened?"

Then I heard something chirped from her mouth. I thought it was a mouse at first. But there are never mice in our house, thanks to the so many snakes here (yes, that's an irony). And why would it be in the air? I watched her closely and asked her what it was in her mouth.

She said, "Grmmmeeeehhhhrrrr," which meant, "Shut up, it's mine!"

Then I saw it.
It was a bird!!!
The bird was still alive and it struggled to get away from her teeth grab.

I was SO freaked out.

I told Mouche sternly to let the bird go away. But she hid under the chair.
When I tried to get the bird, she ran downstairs.

After a short while, I didn't hear the bird's sound anymore. I concluded that it was already dead.
There was no way I would want to go downstairs and find the bird's dead body somewhere there. So I waited until Vincent woke up and told him all about it. Then I also told him to get rid of the bird's body so I wouldn't have to see it when I went downstairs.

He looked at me in amazement, "Bibou, Mouche is a cat. There won't be any bird anymore."

I screamed. She couldn't have possibly eaten the bird, could she???? She was just a little spoiled, weak kitty!!!

But she did. As Vincent went downstairs, there was only the head of the bird and Mouche was playing with it.

I hated Mouche for two days.

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